(1) Getting Started


Thank you again for choosing RegattaCentral to partner with for your regatta! Whether you are new to RegattaCentral or you have been partnered with us for a long time, this getting started guide is a helpful place to start when setting up your RegattaCentral page. Below is information on how to create an account, login, and view your regatta; you will need to be given access to your regatta by your RegattaCentral Account Manager or Regatta Administrator.  

How to Create an Account

  1. Go to www.regattacentral.com
  2. Click the 'Sign up' link located at the top right-hand of the page
  3. Complete the fields on the form
  4. Click 'Create My Account'
  5. If you forgot your Username or Password click 'Login' in the top right-hand of the page.
    1. Use the 'username' link to request that your username be sent via email.
    2. Use the 'password' link to request that a link be sent via email to reset your password.

How to Login and View your Regatta 

  1. Go to RegattaCentral and Login.
  2. Select the regatta you want to view from the regatta calendar on the left of your dashboard. Click on 'Staff'
  3. This will bring you to your regatta where you can edit and configure your regatta.


For assistance, please contact your RegattaCentral Account Manager. If you need help finding their information, please contact support@regattacentral.com with "Please forward to Account Manager" in subject line or call 614-360-2922.