Equipment or Space Reservation

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Organizations that partner with RegattaCentral for equipment and facility reservations provide their members with ability to signup to use equipment and or facilities easily online through the RegattaCentral website. We have put a step-by-step guide of the reservation process below for your convenience. If your club has these services, and you do not have access, we suggest checking with your club to make sure you have registered for this service. 

How to complete a Reservation:

  1. Go to RegattaCentral and Log In.
  2. If you have signed up for club services you should see the Registrations box with the name of the club in the bottom right corner of your homepage. Click on the 'Reservations' link.
  3. Use the drop down menus to choose the date, category (launches, oars, rooms, shells and vehicles) and subcategory (size of shell).
  4. A list will be generated. Hover over the space next to the item you want to reserve and click on the 'Add Reservation' link that appears.
  5. Fill out the fields in the 'New Reservation' window. Select a start time, end time, who you are reserving the boat (or room etc.) for and whether you want the reservation to repeat (daily or weekly). Click 'Save'.
  6. The reservation will now appear on the calendar. You can click on the name to edit the reservation.


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